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Freedom Scientific Training Podcast

May 25, 2022

Do you find navigating certain web elements challenging? Want to clear the clutter when accessing information? Then you’ll want to join Liz, Rachel, and their special guests, Deborah Armstrong, Glen Gordon, and Eric Damery as they discuss and demonstrate ways to access common web page elements with JAWS.

About Web Page Elements

Common web page elements include links, tables, headings, and buttons, all of which can be navigated using standard keyboard commands and JAWS keystrokes.

Many websites incorporate other elements such as expanding menus to display additional options and modals, which provide information or prompt users to make a selection. These are common on sites that offer an option to subscribe to a newsletter or take advantage of an offer.

What We will Cover

In this session, we’ll provide an overview of common web page elements you may encounter when surfing the web and explain visual concepts and behaviors of these elements. We’ll also demonstrate how to:

  • Access expandable/collapsible menus
  • Navigate and use modals
  • Customize websites using the JAWS feature Flexible Web so page content is easier to read
  • Suspend the JAWS Virtual PC cursor to improve navigation on sites with native keyboard commands and toggle it off in web applications to improve navigation