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Freedom Scientific Training Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

Join Bill Kilroy, Ana Tello, Mike Wood, and Michelle Williams as they discuss some of the basics, such as lighting, eye protection, and magnification, to help with low vision.


Proper lighting is essential to everyone, not only those who are visually impaired. Our wide range of lighting solutions significantly impacts daily living activities, like reading, writing, and crafts.

Eye Protection

Our Improvision PROSHIELD filter lenses offer protection against harmful UV light while improving contrast and reducing glare. They selectively filter out the blue light while maintaining all other spectral colors. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are available in two frame styles and multiple color lenses. Each is also available with added 60% tint.

Optical Magnification

We offer a wide array of magnifiers with different LED light options (natural, neutral, and cool white). Be it the good, the better, or the best series, all of them are made in Germany by our partner, SCHWEIZER, and feature premium optical lenses. We also offer the world’s only magnifier series with wireless charging, eliminating the need to replace batteries.

Video Magnification

We’ll wrap up this webinar discussing our most popular handheld and foldable video magnifiers for active seniors, students, and those with limited space.