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Freedom Scientific Training Podcast

Aug 28, 2021

Just in time for the new school year, get an overview of our Teaching Resources page and learn about our Student of the Month program. You’ll also learn about: accessible typing tutorials, downloadable resource files, and interactive JAWS training modules.

Aug 20, 2021

Listen to Rachel, Liz, and their special guest, Cathy Johnson from Bridgetown Tech, provide an overview of Excel and demonstrate valuable tasks to help you create and edit spreadsheets more efficiently. Topics covered include: using place markers to mark and select data, selecting data using Voice Assistant, sorting...

Aug 13, 2021

Learn how to access the "Surf's Up, Surfing the Internet with JAWS" training web pages to practice web browsing skills with JAWS and how JAWS uses the virtual buffer to read web pages. Continue using the Surf's Up training exercises to hone your Internet skills.

Aug 6, 2021

Learn the various ways to get help in JAWS, including Windows key and Hot key help, Screen Sensitive help, JAWS help for apps, and how to use the JAWS Help System to find more information.